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In 1991 the Hindu Society of America set out to establish a temple in South Florida area to provide a center which allowed the teaching of Hinduism to the community. Over the years the temple has evolved in aquiring a plot of land and building an office building which serves as the temporary location of worship:

The property formerly a mango farm is located near mass transit and main roads.

GRAND Temple opened in June 2014
June 14 th to June 22nd- 2014 with a 9 days of Sacred Ceremonies such as Jaladhivasam –(immersing & sanctifying the vigrahas in water)
Dhanyadhivasam (immersing in rice & grains)
Panchangavyaadhivaasam –(immersing in the 5 products from the cow) &Sayyaadhivaasam.
Officiated under the auspices of his holiness Shastriji Shri Vivek Godbole

We invite you and your family to attend our weekly service, For Details contact Priest Sreenidhi Kadambi: 919-518-5878

witness a rare opportunity to participate in the construction of a traditional Sanatan Dharam (सनातन धर्म) Temple.

If you have kids please enroll them in the Bal Vihar classes, to learn more in detail the hindu religion, Yoga Classes for Children.