HSA Board requests our community to lend money for the construction of the Miami Lakshmi Narayan Temple. $1.5 Million have been invested so far and an additional $500K is required to complete construction for TCO. In an effort to reduce the monthly interest payment overhead HSA Board proposes to borrow this money from the membership and community at large.

Loan Program Details:

  • Loan amount in units of $5000
  • 4 year term loan with 3% interest
  • Authorized members of HSA Board will sign the promissory note on behalf of the organization
  • HSA Loan is a good faith unsecured loan
  • Any willing member can issue a check or bank draft to Hindu Society of America to participate in the "HSA Loan" program. Interest accrual will begin from the date of issuance of the "HSA Loan"
  • HSA Board reserves the right to limit such borrowings at any time and phase the borrowings in multiple ensuing months from members
  • HSA reserves the right to retire the loan at any time prior to the 4 year term by fully paying the outstanding principal and interest, without any penalties
  • Finally, "HSA Loan" is strictly a loan and HSA board is committed to full repayment of all the money borrowed through this program

This project will preserve the rich heritage of Hindu religion and culture and benefit not only the current generation but also future generations to come.