Namaste to all the devotees of the Miami Laxmi Narayan Mandir.

In 1991, the Miami Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, founded by Pandit Surujkant Doobay, set out to establish a temple in the South Florida area to provide a center which facilitates the teachings of Hinduism to the community as well as promoting the culture of Hindus across the globe. Over the years ,the temple has evolved by acquiring a plot of land, formerly a mango farm located near mass transit and main roads.  The administration building was built, and served as the temporary location of worship until the main structure was completed. It currently supports the Bal Vihar classes and also serves as a residence of  the full-time priest.

The grand structure was built in accordance with rules defined in the ancient Vastu Shastras or Shilpa Shastras, which is a guide for temple architecture. According to Hindu Traditions, the temple is like a human body which is conceived as a walking temple of god with Jiva in the center. The top of the temple is the head, the garbha graha is the neck, the front of the mandap is the stomach, the prakaram walls are the legs, the gopura is the feet and the deities represent the Jiva in the body.

After construction, the Temple opened in June of 2014,  with 9 days of Sacred offerings, chanting of mantras and fire offerings, officiated by Shastriji Shri Vivek Godbole, from Satara India, performing the important ceremonies including Vastu Puja; Prana Pratistha Mahotsav Jaladhivasam, immersion and sanctification of the vigrahas in water; Dhanyadhivasam, immersion in rice and grains; and , Pancha gavya dhivasam immersion in panchamrit, using five products from the cow. Since then, the temple has been serving the needs of the ever growing Hindu community of South Florida.

We invite you and your family to attend our weekly services.


We offer pooja services for all occasions at the temple or at your home, including hosting weddings.

For more details, contact our resident Priest- Pandit ji Sreenidhi Kadambi at 919-518-5878

If you have children under the age of 18 yrs, please enrol them in the Bal Vihar classes, where they are introduced to our glorious Vedic traditions, Yoga and Hindu culture, thereby keeping alive our ancient traditions in the new generation.

We thank you for your continued support.